rediSell - eCommerce

rediSell is a fully featured B2B eCommerce solution that provides customer specific catalog & pricing, customer specific checkout, custom site & store design, credit card processing, shipping system integration, and many other valuable features.

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rediPortal - Customer Portal

rediPortal is a customer portal solution that provides customers 24/7 secure online access to their account history information, including order status, shipment information, invoices, payments, credit memos, and account summaries.

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rediSell - eCommerce

rediSend streamlines and automates document delivery from SAP Business One systems via email, fax, and SMS. With rediSend, users are also able to safely archive important transactional data and reports found in their SAP Business One system.

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rediSell - eCommerce

b1Desktop allows SAP Business One users and their customers to submit orders remotely, straight from their desktop to your SAP Business One system.

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