About IndyDutch Solutions

IndyDutch Solutions improves and expedites small business processes by specializing in software consulting and software development for SAP Business One(TM) systems. The IndyDutch Solutions team has been working with SAP Business One systems since the time the software package was launched. IndyDutch specializes in SAP Business One implementation and optimization, offers several add-on solutions for SAP Business One, and is well-known for their honesty, integrity, and commitment to delivering value in the SAP Business One customer community.

Our Partners

Michigan based Aether Consulting is our principle partner who also markets our add-on solutions.

What clients say

"The team’s unmatched knowledge of SAP Business One helped our company through the challenging migration and implementation process. IndyDutch comes with my highest recommendations."

Nancy Yan

Finance Manager, Crewsafe

"The team was able to sift through all of our complex processes and identify the customized solution that we envisioned when the project began."

Wes Collier

Director of Operations, Spinal USA

"The team at IndyDutch Solutions is ‘forward-thinking’ and develops solutions that allow us to work smarter, not harder"

Bobby Clay

Customer Service Supervisor, MAST Biosurgery

"rediSell is Versatile. The web design and functionality was implemented exactly to our requirement and the store fully integrates with our SAP systems. We are pleased we picked rediSell."

Laura Manomat

Calvin Klein Furniture

"rediSell is a great Solution. It seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One and our customers love the simplicity of our web store."

Jackie Aguilar

NuCare Pharmaceuticals

"Using rediSell we created a simple web store for our customers to quickly find and order parts. rediSell delivered to our complete satisfaction."

Jay Lake


"rediPortal was effortless to implement and we hardly have to administer it."

Emmanuel Amboy

IT Manager, NuCare

"We were extremely impressed by the professionalism and flexibility of the rediPortal team who implemented the solution on time and on budget."

John Savidge

IT Manager, Cole Fabrics

"The support and training for rediSend has been by far the most responsive and thorough of any SAP B1 Add-On we have ever had."

Darrin McLaughlin


"Since using rediSend, we have realized a cost savings of about 60% on consumables. rediSend paid for itself in less than three months."

Raymond Singh

IT Manager, Fairview Fittings

"In my opinion, if you have SAP Business One, then you should also have rediSend. It is the perfect complement to an already robust software package."

Jay Lake

IT Manager, Pequea

"rediSend is a fantastic piece of software, it’s easy to use and exceptionally versatile. The best ‘value for money’ software we have ever purchased by far."

Phil Dickens.

Director, Baumhaus Ltd.

"rediSend is a highly reliable and flexible piece of software which we use in all areas of the business which I cannot recommend enough."

John Savidge

Cole Fabrics

"RediSend has significantly improved our productivity, efficiency, and customer service processes"

Bobby Clay

Customer Service Supervisor, MAST Biosurgery

"rediSend has helped tremendously in increasing productivity by streamlining our operations and allowing us to send documents electronically while reducing postage costs up to 50%."

Mike Chen

Director, Tonix Corporation

"In a matter of three months we had a complete return on our investment on rediSend."

Rick Mussa

CFO, Pequea

"rediSend is one of the best low cost and high performance document delivery solutions for SAP Business One. With its small footprint and minimal learning curve it is a perfect add-on for SAP Business One."

Raymond Singh

IT Manager, Fairview Fittings

"rediSend is a well-designed piece of software that does exactly what it claims and offers a ton of flexibility in customization options."

David Brust

IT Manager, i play., Inc.

"RediSend has saved our company thousands of pounds, made us more efficient and allowed us to be a more enviromentally friendly company"

John Savidge

Cole Fabrics

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